J.S. Bach (arr. S. Nestorović): Suite No.1 in C-major (CD "Z QUARTET") Ouverture (Real Audio)

A. Piazzolla (arr. C. Voirpy): Histoire du Tango (CD "Z QUARTET")
Night Club 1960. (Real Audio)
Concert d'aujourd'hui (Real Audio)

C. Debussy (arr. D. Sremec): The String Quartet op.10 (CD "Z QUARTET")
Animé et tres décidé
(Real Audio)

B. Papandopulo: Six Croquis (CD "CROATIAN MUSIC FOR SAXOPHONES")
Allegro vivace
(Real Audio)

M. Lazar: Concerto for Saxophone Quartet No.1 (CD " KASKADE")

E. A. Del Borgo: Quartet for Saxophones (CD "KASKADE")
With vigor (MP3)


Ph. Woods: Three Improvisations for Sax Quartet (CD "KASKADE" & "TSUNAGARI")
Presto (MP3)

D. Kechley: Tsunagari (CD "TSUNAGARI")
Strong (MP3)
Timeless (MP3)

D. Baker: Faces of the Blues (CD "TSUNAGARI")
Faces of the blues (MP3)


J. Matičič: Memory - Saxophone Quartet (CD "SAXOPHONIA")
Furioso (MP3)

R. Radica: Four Studies in Persistence (CD "RUBEN RADICA: A SELECTION OF WORKS")
Pasaže (Presto possibile) (MP3)


P. Longo: Giants - quattro incisioni (CD "TRIESTE PRIMA 1987 - 2006")
Giants - quattro incisioni (MP3)

W.A. Mozart (arr. S. Nestorović): Quintet for Piano, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn and Bassoon in E flat major, KV 452 - ITAMAR GOLAN, piano
Rondo (allegretto) (MP3)

J. Brahms (arr. D. Sremec): Piano Quintet in F minor, Op. 34 - ITAMAR GOLAN, piano
Andante, un poco adagio (MP3)
Finale (poco sostenuto) (MP3)

J. Kern (arr. S. Nestorović) - The Way You Look Tonight
The Way You Look Tonight (MP3)

E. Heyman & O. Levant (arr. S. Nestorović) - Blame It On My Youth - TOMISLAV MUŽEK, vocal
Blame It On My Youth (MP3)

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