"Virtuous and reflexive"...”Skills, outstanding musicality, interpretative focus and invention, as well as technical superiority, which the members of ZSQ have shown in the performance of that movement are immanent to each of their performance, either of new pieces, the compositions originally written for them or the arrangements.

It is perhaps strange, but the last category, arrangements, is the most interesting, specialy because ZSQ in not led only by understandable desire to expand the repertoary, but these remakes (which are made mostly by the members themselves) touches and poses some of important questions of creativity...”

Dodi Komanov, "KLASIKA.hr", Zagreb (HR), 2012


..."However, in the performance of these two quintets, the excellent and world-renowned musicians - pianist Itamar Golan, soprano saxophonist Dragan Sremec, alto saxophonist Goran Merčep, tenor saxophonist Saša Nestorović, and baritone saxophonist Matjaž Drevenšek - broke through the temporal barriers and the sonic-stylistic acoustic membranes with musical perfection, as the two composers, Mozart and Brahms, would certainly confirm from their heavenly spheres.”

Lado Jakša, "Glasna", Ljubljana (SI), 2011


"Zagreb Saksophone Quartet + Itamar Golan = SAX+ "..."Twenty one years since its founding The Zagreb Saxophone Quartet, one of the best Croatian chamber ensembles, boasts of with the rich discography. The fruits of their work has been confirmed by professional audience, which awarded them with a number of Porins (Croatian discography awards) for albums “Z Quartet”, “Cascades”, “Ruben Radica: A Selection of Works”, “Contemporary Croatian Composers - Srđan Dedić”, and as it looks, the last release - "SAX +" - will be keen competition at the next national award in the category for the best classical album, song, recording or the publisher of the year (in this case the Aquarius Records)..."

Igor Koruga, "Nacional", Zagreb (HR), 2011


"SENSATION FOR PIANO AND FOUR SAXOPHONES" "(...) already during the performance of the first piece on the programe they showed why we estimate them, according to international criteria, the top chamber ensemble..."

Branimir Pofuk, "Jutarnji list", Zagreb (HR), 2006


"(...) theese four individually strong personalities again this time showed that they are evenly phenomenal when they join their talent and knowledge in the one of the most difficult music disciplines - chamber music."

Alisa Čakarun, "Slobodna Dalmacija", Split (HR), 2004

"(...) Tsunagari is a CD composed of excellent solo and ensemble performances, as well as music. The superb recording quality of this CD also allows the energy and excitement of these performers and their music to be presented at their fullest potential with the splendor and grandeur they deserve."  Frank Bongiorno, "Saxophone Journal", Medfield, MA (USA), 2003

"(...) ZSQ prepared the concert (at Nomus Festival) with masterly guided, impeccably polished and technically brilliantly performed voices of every single instrument, with the appropriate concept of programme in content and timing. Concert was marked with satisfaction of common play and creation in elaborated sound."                                             

Marija Adamov, "Dnevnik", Novi Sad (SMN), 2003


"(...) at the end, I would pick out third of four ZSQ CD’s (Croatian music for saxophones, Z Quartet, Kaskade, Tsunagari). All the real jazz lovers, the ones who esteem “new sound”, or simply, they who love saxophone will become really enthusiastic about the CD Kaskade."                                          

Katica Burić, "WAM", Zagreb (HR), 2003


"(...) To all the ZSQ fans, to the ones who love good music and modern music expression, this CD (Tsunagari) will be the real treat to listen to."                                           

Bosiljka Perić-Kempf, "Vijenac", Zagreb (HR), 2002

"JUICY SOUNDS OF SAXOPHONE WIZZARDS"                                                  

Ramiro Palmić, "Novi list", Rijeka (HR), 2002


"(...) The climax of the concert was, no doubt, Quartet by Pavle Merku, which saxophonists from Zagreb performed brilliantly."                                    
Tatjana Alajbeg, "Slobodna Dalmacija", Split (HR), 2002

"(...) Without exaggeration we can find last night’s concert by ZSQ, which was part of 49. Ljubljana Summer Festival at Ljubljana Castle, one of the highlights of this season’s chamber concerts in Slovenia."                                      
Daniel Celarec, "Radio Slovenia", Ljubljana (SI), 2001


"(...) The culmination of the evening was prepared by ZSQ, to whom composer Ruben Radica dedicated his very new piece Four persistency studies."                                             

Branimir Pofuk, "Jutarnji list", Zagreb (HR), 2001

"(...) Creating warm and noble common sound, the sonority of the quartet reminded us from time to time of the splendour of organ sound colours."                                                  

Ramiro Palmić, "Novi list", Rijeka (HR), 2000


Ulrich Möller-Arnsberg, "Süddeutsche Zeitung", München (D), 2000

"(...) Their repertoire includes generous doses of contemporary music. Three more examples turned up on Wednesday, each a challenge. These musicians proved themselves technically adept and musically tuned in…All three pieces called for intricate ensemble play, which the Zagreb supplied without failing. They are excellent instrumentalists who made difficult passages sound easy." "(...) One missed the strings, of course, but the visitors made a solid case for their instruments, solid enough to lead one to the belief that if the saxophone had been around in Mozart's time, he would have written for it, maybe even a quartet."                        

Peter Jacobi, "Hoosier Times", Bloomington, Indiana (USA), 1999


"(...) Saxophones and Baroque? They get along perfectly. Due to the remarkable arrangements by Saša Nestorović and Dragan Sremec, the music by the great masters of Baroque have easily found its way towards the hearts of the audiences, which was demonstrated by the lively applause of the Varaždin public, who packed the church. Four Masters of their instruments have proved that good playing on contemporary instruments can also revive the spirit of pure Baroque music..."                   Nenad Turkalj, "Vjesnik", Zagreb (HR), 1997

"The Zagreb Saxophone Quartet offered a memorable and daring concert at the Pacelli-Haus (...) Their abilities were underlined by pure intonation, a secure technique of execution and an exact co-ordination of certain parts over a wide range (...) the interpreters deserved great recognition for their effort and willingness to take risks, which was rewarded by a large audience attending the concert..."                                         
Anton Sperling, "Erlanger Kultur", Erlangen (D), 1994

"(...) The sound palette of the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet is extremely rich, marked by pure and beautiful shades... The excellent interpreters have shown great skill in the performance of Baroque pieces, and, certainly, even more so in pieces written originally for their instruments..."              

Bogdan Učakar, "Delo", Ljubljana (SI), 1993

"(...) I was especially pleased to have an opportunity to hear the Zagreb Saxophone Quartet from Croatia, who performed pieces by Papandopulo and Lazarin, It is an ensemble with a bright future, whose playing is characterized by a full and rich sound in the manner of the French tradition."     Peter Nichols, "Clarinet and Saxophone", London (UK), 1992

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